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This model is the product of over two years of work with Thomas Campbell. Thomas has always been a big board guy having been sliding Skips boards for years, but he knew there was a much more dynamic level to these big boards. The LE SLIVIAR is product of our collaborative efforts.

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This is a model I developed over the winter of 2011/2012 as a modified egg shape. Basically this board is like an gunny egg. It features good rocker for bigger surf and a narrow tail that will hold well in steep waves. My personal Gunner is 7’8 and I really feel comfortable on it at many waves around...

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This is yet another model that is based solely on a full trim outline. It features an egg nose, real parallel lines and a wide rounded squaretail. These features combined all help this model to really slide thru the water.

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Cali Cruiser

This is a cousin in the Skosh Model design thread. It’s an alternate mid-length model for versatility. I prefer it in the 7’10 and above range for bigger surf, yet as it gets smaller the outline can begin to emulate that of a contemporary short board curve.

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Winter Skosh Model

The Skosh model was created as an alternative shape in the mid-length range. However, its outline can be used in many lengths because of its great versatility although I prefer it in the 7’10...

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I’ve been building boards the last few years looking for more drive in smaller surf. It features the same curve as my normal Fish Simmons quad but instead of the fish tail, I’ve put an arc tail template on it...

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Deuce Coupe

This board was created based solely on the work of Andrew Kidman and his movie Lost in the Ether. I had a chance to visit Andrew in the fall of 2012 and see the original “Dream board” and really wanted to build one...

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There was a need to develop a board of this kind given that there are many surfers stuck with small mushy waves. The parallel-wide tail outline allows for maximum plan and glide from minimum wave energy. Wide tail and pivot point around the fins actually frees up the turning with this model.

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