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I built Skip a board a few years back, an 11 Foot Fish Simmons but instead of the normal pointed nose I put an egg nose on it. He looked at it and called it caviar “fish eggs” ,so it stuck. It’s a nice alternative to my normal Fish Simmons Quad.

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Rocket Fish

I ride this board when I want to surf in a more high performance style. Having great paddling power gets you in early and allows you to generate down the line speed and then you can turn on a dime due to the V-plane through the fins...

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J Hall Keel

This board represents my updated version of the keel fin fish. It features a narrower tail block and has a little more curve in the outline. We also use a keel fin template that has a slight curved rake which helps free the tail up in turns...

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SS Fish

In 2011 Skip allowed me to restore his original Steve Lis Fish template, the same one Skip derived his current fish out line from. He made sure that I made a copy of it for myself. The SS Keel is my tribute to the Lis/Frye fish design thread.

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