Surfboards San Diego

San Diego Keel Fin

Length, width, thickness:
Available 5’11 and smaller: 5’10, 21, 2 1/2

Rolled down Rail with lots of edge in the tail.

Low entry and tail rocker

Bottom Contours:
Single concave starting under the chest which continues through the fins.

5 + 5 deck, 5 bottom

Fin Setup:
Daniel Partch Keels, Straight Rake Template

Type of Waves:
Clean beach and reef waves from small to just over head.

Josh's comments:
This board represents my version of the keel fin fish born and bred in Azurre Vista. I use all the same measurements of the original fish with the wide point up front, 12” tail block and straight rake keels. This board is built for down the line speed and ultimate trim.