Hi, I am Josh Hall: blessed to have been born and raised in San Diego, California. I learned to surf in Pacific Beach, mainly at Felspar Street, when I was about 14 years old. That is also where, when I was 18, I was fortunate to have been taken under the wing by surfer/shaper Skip Frye.

Down the line speed and trim are what I grew up knowing, watching, and experiencing; so much of my style of shaping is along those same lines. But, I’m also fortunate to have grown up with other influences such as, Hank Warner, Glenn Horn and Larry Mabile. I was also heavily educated on the history of surfing and board design in San Diego by both Joe Roper and Eric Huffman. Ultimately, it was the Joel Tudor/ Donald Takayama dynasty era from the mid to late nineties which helped me round out my repertoire with some of the classic log shapes, eggs and single fin-style boards that I build today. It was the yin and yang of Skip’s influence moving me away from the old shapes, but Joel’s style bringing me back that has created my portfolio. I guess I’m a true product of Thomas Campbell’ the Seedling motto, “if it’s over head, ride a short board.”

Having grown up with access to Skip’s personal quiver, riding many different board shapes and sizes was a normal and daily practice. I have over 20 models that I shape and surf all the time. I build boards from sub 6’0 twin and quad fin fish, all the way thru mid-length eggs, on up to the classic style nose riders and the big cross country sliders.

My boards are truly, 100% hand-shaped, custom built boards surfboards. The only machines I use are the Skil 100 and Accurate power planes along with my own two hands. Now I say truly 100% hand shaped because that is what they are, no shaping machines used and no ghost shapers. “One order, one blank, one custom at a time.”

I’m not chasing themes or board building trends to make a buck. I shape and design boards that I l like to ride and boards that work, because at the end of the day, that is all that should matter when you get a custom built board – one that makes you have fun and catch tons of waves. More waves means more happy people and more happy people might just make our little planet a better place.

Thank you and cheers!

Slide the Glide,

Josh Hall

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